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Trip costa rica essay

Transcript — [Dr Shubha Kumar] Hi everybody and thanks for being here today. We are really excited to have this webinar, to share some of our student experiences on the Global Health Faculty led trips. My background specifically is in global health and those are the classes that I teach as well as the research that I work on.

A little bit about USC. We are organized into six different divisions including Global Health, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology etc and we have a really diverse faculty working on a lot of different research topics and teaching various classes.

For those of you who are interested, actually one of our faculty is going to do a webinar next week about her research work with vulnerable populations, so stay tuned for that. So first going into the class itself, when I first found out about the class, I found out in order to participate in the class, I had to submit an application of interest.

The application asks me questions pertaining to my experience and why I was interested in taking the course specifically. The class itself was based in Geneva and it provided a hands-on learning experience.

Prior to the class itself we were asked to put together a presentation that would focus on a Trip costa rica essay that would be discussed while attending the World Health Assembly itself which was one of the parts of the class.

We had to present it to the class prior to leaving the US and my topics specifically was focused on public health preparedness and response. Being able to describe forms through which global health governance is debated or formulized, discussing current strengths and weaknesses of each of the organizations that are related to global health governance and being able to contribute to global health policy itself.

Interesting enough when I was applying to USC, I was told that students experience, ooh I have this experience actually go to the World Health Organization itself, so that was something that actually made me pretty excited to apply to USC. So I basically took it as this is my chance, why not take a shot at it?

So I saw this trip as an opportunity to gain more knowledge on what the WHO specifically does and how policy plays a part in public health especially with the incorporation of policies with different countries involved other than the United States itself.

So going into the first week. The first week was mostly supposed to act as an introduction for us prior to going to the World Health Assembly.

We had the opportunity to speak to leaders in each of the organizations also current students that are working there as either interns or under another representative at some point and also past students from USC that currently work there as consultants.

Those students including students that were in my group from USC, there were students from all over the world with various backgrounds, culturally and even career wise. Then we had the opportunity to basically understand what our personal rights are as humans in general when it comes to sexual reproductive health being able to understand the different interventions that are out there related to sexual reproductive health and just being able to understand what our role is as young leaders in public health and how we can make a difference in informing and providing knowledge to people about the interventions that are related to sexual reproductive health and even their personal rights in each individual country.

The second week itself was, we clear were all very anxious about and excited too. So the first, the day before which was Sunday we ended up having to go to NCD Alliance which is Non Communicable Disease Alliance, an alliance that basically holds around 2, civil society organizations focusing on NCD prevention.

Trip costa rica essay

We had the opportunity to meet leaders that were a part of NCD Alliance as well as leaders that were part of the different civil society organizations under the Alliance and they basically gave us a rundown of how the World Health Assembly would go throughout the week, things that we could really expect based off of the different agenda items and what they expected from us which was basically taking notes during the different agenda items or agenda meetings and taking the time to actually formulate those note so that they can use it to develop their drafts of the different resolutions that were created during the World Health Assembly itself.

I would say for me personally the highlight of that week was being able to interact with the different delegates that were coming from different countries. We were instructed to kind of step out of our comfort zone and talk to as many delegates as possible.

So at the beginning of the week we kind of made a list of the different people that we wanted to speak to. We were supposed to be provided with a list of the different people that were going to be there but it kind of disappeared during the trip.

So we kind of made idea of based off of the people that were represented based off of country and then even based off of different topics that we personally were interested in.

Trip costa rica essay

So that kind of made it a little bit easier to find people and kind of speak to them about our own personal interests and even just how we personally can be better leaders in public health in the future even currently right now. So what I learned from this trip. One of the things that I learned was that Public Health Organizations partner with each other.

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Another thing that I learned was that the WTO or the World Trade Organization plays a part in public health which I never would have assumed trade had anything to do with public health but we actually got to speak to representative that was related to intellectual property.

And health care itself is actually more political than expected that was surprising to me only because I forgot that in order to create policies there actually has to be more people involved other than just WHO itself.

I mean even just the foundation that has to be created just to be able to formulate these policies and agenda items and it was interesting just to be able to see how all these different countries together were giving their opinions and then it took time before the resolutions could even be brought up.

And a last thing was that more work needs to be done in order to actually achieve universal health care coverage which is one of the agenda items that Dr.Costa Rica is a democratic republic, costa rica history essay as defined by the Constitution, which guarantees all citizens and foreigners .

03% of the planets surface. The day was September 18, , and Columbus was . My trip to Costa Rica will forever have an impact on my life. I hope to inspire others to appreciate the Costa Rican culture and the true meaning of Pura Vida. Share. Costa Rica Day Trip from San Jose.

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Four Florida men on a bachelor trip were killed in a tragic rafting accident in Costa Rica.

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The men were visiting the Caribbean country for a bachelor party but all died on Saturday in a rafting accident along with four of their local guides, authorities said.

Trip Report: Operation RubyThroat in Costa Rica. Trip Report: Operation RubyThroat in Costa Rica The first half of November I was in Costa Rica's Orosi Valley for our 22nd Operation RubyThroat citizen science expedition to the Neotropics. The photo essay is extensive and may take a while to download, but I think you'll find it enjoyable.

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