The dangers of scams and corruption in sports

Sports NGOs are particularly vulnerable to these activities, with this article exploring why — and what can be done about it — in more detail. The following article was co-written by Liz Burton and Jeremy Sandbrook.

The dangers of scams and corruption in sports

Solution Sport is a multi-billion dollar business.

Criminal networks defraud lonely people around the world with false promises of love and romance.

It has intricate ties to political and private interests. This means rich opportunities for corruption.

Yet across the sporting sector, most deals and decisions take place behind closed doors. This allows corruption to go unchecked and unpunished. Corruption in sport has many forms. Referees and players can take bribes to fix matches.

Club owners can demand kickbacks for player transfers. Companies and governments can rig bids for construction contracts. And money laundering is widespread.

This can take place through sponsorship and advertising arrangements. Or it may be through the purchase of clubs, players and image rights.

Complex techniques are used to launder money through football and other sports. These include cross-border transfers, tax havens and front companies. Much can be done to break the ties between sport and corruption.

But we need to get everyone involved to work together. Openness in decisions and policies is vital. Governments must work closely with the international gaming industry and anti-fraud organisations.

Then they can follow the money in betting. Sporting organisations can write anti-corruption measures into their constitutions and codes of conduct.

And clear regulations and openness in player transfers will protect the employment market. But we must make sure rules are actively enforced. Open, competitive bidding processes will help prevent corruption when host cities or venues are chosen for sporting events. Sponsors can play their part by promoting ethics in sport as part of their corporate responsibility programmes.

The media also has the power to raise awareness about corruption in sport. With these changes to the rules of the game, the sector can regain its reputation for fair play.

The dangers of scams and corruption in sports

Go back to the problem Our work on sport The worrying number of scandals across many sports damages not only the image of sport, but compromises the positive influence sport has in spreading the values of good sportsmanship and integrity, especially for young people.

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When disasters happen, many people open their hearts and wallets to help. Charitable givers, though, should be careful to protect themselves from scams.

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