The advantages of my apartment

The website for the GSA rates is: There is also an app you can download.

The advantages of my apartment

To use it, simply forward your office line to a number supplied by Apartment Lines automatic call-forwarding is available upon request.

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Once on service, a customized greeting directs callers to leave a voice message for your office, or to press a key that transfers them to a live emergency operator. Live operators dispatch qualified emergency calls to the appropriate personnel.

Optional Add-On Features starsAutomatic call forwarding: FREE Your calls forward to the answering service whenever your line is unanswered by the 4th ring or all lines are busy. FREE All voicemail messages sent directly to your e-mail -- multiple addresses supported! Live operator call records faxed or emailed daily.

Callers are given options to hear special recordings, such as leasing and property information. Callers may press a key to hear all greetings and prompts in Spanish.

This includes access to Spanish-friendly operators for emergency calls.

Apartment Lines covers your office phones whenever you cannot answer them personally. Our cutting-edge, custom-built service can help you lease more apartments, retain more residents, and optimize your maintenance work. In my previous article, I talked about buying residential foreclosures. In the final installment of my series, I'm focusing on buying commercial real estate. Free Apartment Building Real Estate Investing Newsletter Subscribe for free to my apartment building real estate investing newsletter. Learn how I made a profit of over $2 million on my first commercial deal and other invaluable information.

Callers may leave separate voice messages for example, a sub-property or a specific individual. Callers may transfer to an outside line, such as an off-site leasing service or on-call leasing agent.

Add additional, alternate main greetings, which can be selectively enabled for example, one greeting with summer hours, one with winter hours.

Our Network storage Reliable Hardware Our network is housed in a state-of-the-art, high-availability telecommunications datacenter, fully equipped with redundant power and internet backbones. The network stack is fully redundant and continuously monitored -- no single piece of hardware failure will disable the system.

We also maintain a geographically separate backup location to ensure the highest possible level of service uptime. We utilize cutting-edge Voice over IP VoIP technologies to provide the highest quality phone experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephony solutions -- our system processes over 1.

A technical problem at any one call center will not result in a service outage, as we have the ability to instantly re-route your callers to an alternate call center.

Frequently Asked Questions Why do I need an answering service? Some residents may not understand your after-hours response policy. If you give them a pager or cell phone number, they could call your staff at 2am to report a leaky faucet.

An answering service can take all calls through your office line, filtering out the situations that can wait until office hours, and passing you the urgent calls that need immediate response. Why should I choose Apartment Lines as my answering service?

Most live answering services charge a base rate for a small number of calls, then a high per minute rate after that.

Apartment Lines combines live operators with automated voicemail and charges a moderate flat monthly rate that most properties can easily fit within their budget.

How are calls answered? Calls are answered in the name of your property through an automated system that gives your caller a choice between an operator and voicemail.

If the caller has a maintenance emergency, they are directed to a live operator who will dispatch emergencies to your on-call staff.

If the call is not urgent, they are directed to leave a message that you can retrieve during office hours. How can I view and update my account information? When setting-up your answering service, Apartment Lines gives you access to your account information via our web portal at apartmentlines.

There you can view and update staff contact numbers, on-call rotations, and the instructions the operators follow when answering your calls. Can I see who has called while my phones are forwarded to your service?

The advantages of my apartment

You view call detail records for all calls handled through our system via our web portal. Call records include date and time of the call, caller ID name and number, and the general action taken by the caller listened to main greeting, transferred to voicemail, etc.

Can I monitor emergency calls handled by operators? You can listen to recordings of your emergency calls via our web portal. Setting Up a New Account Determine which features you want included in your new answering service.

Access to live emergency operators is always included, and extra options streamline your service. If you have additional needs not covered in the features list, we may be able to accommodate you.She has an impeccable sense of fashion, flawless skin and voluptuous curves thanks to the copious resources she uses in taking care of her body.

Apartment Lines covers your office phones whenever you cannot answer them personally. Our cutting-edge, custom-built service can help you lease more apartments, retain more residents, and optimize your maintenance work.

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