Socrates death

The extant sources agree that Socrates was profoundly ugly, resembling a satyr more than a man—and resembling not at all the statues that turned up later in ancient times and now grace Internet sites and the covers of books.

Socrates death

This aspect of the trial will be discussed more fully below.

Socrates death

His interlocutors in these typically adversarial exchanges included people he happened to meet, devoted followers, prominent political figures, and leading thinkers of the day. But those composed by Plato and Xenophon survive in their entirety. What knowledge we have of Socrates must therefore depend primarily on one or the other or both, when their portraits coincide of these sources.

Most scholars, however, do not believe that every Socratic discourse of Xenophon and Plato was intended as a historical report of what the real Socrates said, word-for-word, on some occasion.

What can reasonably be claimed about at least some of these dialogues is that they convey the gist of the questions Socrates asked, the ways in which he typically responded to the answers he received, and the general philosophical orientation that emerged from these conversations.

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Xenophon Among the compositions of Xenophonthe one that gives the fullest portrait of Socrates is Memorabilia. Page 1 of Socrates was found guilty by a vote of to The jurors were next asked to determine Socrates' penalty. His accusers argued for the death penalty.

Socrates was given the opportunity to suggest his own punishment and could probably have avoided death by recommending exile. Sentenced to death, Socrates reflected that it might be a blessing: either a dreamless sleep, or an opportunity to converse in the underworld.

While the sacred ship was on its journey to Delos, no executions were allowed in the city.

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In BC, Socrates was sentenced to death. The charges, as far as we can reconstruct them, were vague: impiety, worshipping new gods, corrupting the young.

Socrates death

The trial and death of Socrates Socrates Apology A friend, in consulting the Oracle at Delphi, asked was any man wiser than Socrates. The Oracle replied that there were not!!! Nov 13,  · Star litigators in Chicago are preparing to retry a controversial 2,year-old free speech case that famously resulted in the death of Socrates, now considered the father of Greek philosophy, when he drank a cup of poisonous hemlock.

Death of Socrates. Socrates's death is described at the end of Plato's Phaedo, although Plato was not himself present at the execution.

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