Sociological imagination college essays

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Sociological imagination college essays

Todd Beer on August 16, An understanding of the sociological imagination can be difficult in our very individually focused society. As a topic, the sociological imagination is usually the first or second class of every introduction to sociology course.

Studying what you want, when you want at a much lower cost? The college, accrediting organizations, deans, professional associations all define what it takes to be awarded a degree, a certificate that serves as a cultural symbol of legitimation and distinction, helping to sort people into categories.

You see these hung on walls in offices to signal expertise to others. As an individual, you make choices, but those choices are influenced by a modern social context that makes the consequences of those choices very real. The largely successful effort of companies to break unions have greatly decreased the number of employees that can collectively bargain with management.

The context with which individuals make decisions changed, the social context changed. Few if any of your students will work for themselves, own a business, or avoid wage labor.

This can be seen by exploring the alternative…what would they be doing if they were not in college? Compared to many other advanced industrialized nations, the US has a weak social safety net that leaves individuals vulnerable to market forces.

By looking at college enrollment rates over time, students can see that the historical moment, the society, that they occupy now is very different compared to 50 years ago. Mills speaks of the intersection between history and biography.

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Looking at a different point in time shows us how our biography may have been different. Especially for women, the likelihood that they would have been enrolled in college if they were transported back toa different social context, is much smaller. More than double the rate of women are now enrolled.

Increasingly, international students make up larger portion of the student body at colleges and universities in the US. This is a dramatic change from your parents experiences in higher education and has been largely facilitated by changes in our social context: Enrollment levels in other nations today also help us use our sociological imagination and to see that society has an influence on our individual decisions.

The figure below shows UNESCO data for enrollment in tertiary education post-secondary of any type, including college across select nations.

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To understand this is to use the sociological imagination. Society not only influence how many people go to college, but a college education influences society in many ways as well. In the most recent presidential election, the counties with the highest rate of college educated citizens overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton.

While the counties with the lowest rates of college educated population voted for Trump. Here is another way of looking at that shows, on average, how much more people earn per advancement in education.

Assignments that Cultivate the Sociological Imagination. Nell Trautner, Mary ; Borland, Elizabeth. Activating the Sociological Imagination.Sociological imagination is a social fact and empathy; social fact is the idea, feeling, behavior of individuals.

An example of social fact is when the sun is rising, this is a social fact that we cannot change whether we like it or not it will still rise.

Sociological imagination is the ability of connecting micro level to the macro level, and distinguishing personal troubles and social issues.

Importance of sociological imagination External act of an individual displays what one does, . Academy of Social Sciences ASS The United Kingdom Association of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences formed in gave rise to the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences incorporated , which became the Academy of Social Sciences on ASS Commission on the Social Sciences Notes from the meeting on by Ron Johnston.

sociological imagination college essays

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sociological imagination college essays

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