Samsung from gallop to run

What this means is all configuration settings will be returned to defaults, and all of data will be deleted. And also all, we suggest everything — photos, videos, contacts, locally stored music, saved files. Open Settings and also scroll down to the actual Backup and reset option. In the bottoom of the display screen, touch Factory Data Reset.

Samsung from gallop to run

Online How does real sex look? These sites show the awkward truth Does uncovering the vulnerable, clumsy sides of sex make you better at it? These "social sex" companies think so.

This story is part of our Turned On special report exploring the intersection of sex and technology. It contains sexually explicit descriptions and may not be suited for younger readers. In the sunny living room of a Mediterranean-style house in Oakland, California, Rosalind sips coffee through a straw.

The year-old research assistant wears a thin green utility jacket and has large brown eyes and dark wavy hair with pin-up-girl bangs.

Galaxy S6 Manual User Guide and Instructions

Sitting on a couch as SLR cameras record her, she gets ready to tell nine people, none of whom she's met in real life before, about the first time she masturbated. They're filming for OMGYesa site that hosts a series of online videos about how to sexually satisfy a woman.

OMGYes is one of a number of companies ushering sex education for the 18 and older crowd into a new era. Sites like OMGYes, Orenstein says, "have the opportunity to do an end-run around traditional sources of education -- and miseducation. The company is in the process of producing its second season.

Other videos are interactive. Viewers can, for example, use their fingers to rub and tap digital renderings of female genitalia on a touchscreen.

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These images are created from thousands of composited, high-definition photographs stitched together from some of OMGYes' interviewees, who range in race, age and body type. As you touch, a voice-over softly guides you where to touch and how fast. The lessons end when the screen fades to white.

If you do everything "right," the voice lets out a satisfying sigh.

Samsung from gallop to run

If not, she suggests you stop and take a break. Online videos have attempted to educate about sex before. The year-old YouTube personality has talked about sex and dating sinceand has over 1. But while videos by Green and others simply require passive watching, OMGYes infuses its tutorials with a level of visceral interactivity and immediacy that video blogs, books and magazines can't offer.

Women talk frankly to the camera for OMGYes. With this information, OMGYes offers a platform for women to talk about a subject that at worst is seen as taboo, and at best, unimportant.

What gets funded generally is pathology. It's anorgasmia or dryness or soreness. For itscurrent users, OMGYes wants its upcoming second season, which doesn't yet have a release date, to cover internal vaginal touch. It brought in Rosalind to talk about experiences including female ejaculation.

After Rosalind wraps up her onscreen interview, the team breaks for a late lunch of Chinese takeout. Later, Rosalind will shoot her touch-and-talk scene, where she'll masturbate on camera and narrate what works. At the end of all this, she'll fly back home to DC and return to her job at a university.

She hopes her contributions to the project will help form a more sensible, but still joyful, narrative around sex.One of many great free stock photos from Pexels. This photo is about running, stampede, stampeding.

In truth, we don’t know very much about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the latest “phablet” (part smartphone, part tablet) coming from industry leader Samsung, but with the highly-anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 rapidly approaching, as previously reported in the Inquisitr, rumors, theories, and perhaps some genuine leaked information is beginning to run rampant.

Samsung Pay is on its way – the company began a trial of its mobile payments service on July 15 in Korea with select S6 and S6 Edge owners, in preparation for a full rollout. Samsung S7, presented by Mr Aberthon, is a high quality and brand new smartphone that is unlocked to all GSM networks.

Free shipping is available for all of our phones and there is a 14 days return policy, no questions asked. Download wallpaper x horses, running at a gallop, winter for pc & mac, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

Feb 19,  · Gallop Run - 3D Runner Game (Gameplay) Video by Arth I-Soft GameiMax. Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Samsung Galaxy S3 Gameplay #2 - .

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