Oskar schindler and josef mengele the angels of life and death

The city of Troy has been sacked and the victors of the war are taking decisions on the fates of surviving captives. The film focuses on the fates of female captives HecubaAndromacheCassandraand Helen of Sparta. Meanwhile, Astyanaxthe underage heir to the Trojan throne and relative of all four women, is scheduled for execution. The film is based on the epic poem Aeneid by Virgilwhich depicts Aeneas and his Trojan colonists as ancestor of the Romans.

Oskar schindler and josef mengele the angels of life and death

Edit A Cure For Wellness: Heinrich Volmer is a seemingly-kindly doctor running a wellness center in the Alps. In truth, Volmer is a centuries-old baron who survived his own people's attempt at killing him in revenge for murdering so many of them to discover the secret to immortality.

Obsessed with blood purity, Volmer raped his sister into submission until she married him. In the present, Volmer uses the center to lure in patients, who are brainwashed and subjected to macabre experiments where a certain breed of eel is inserted into them so that their fluids are filtered out and used for a drug that extends long life.

The effects are inevitably fatal, and Volmer has the desiccated corpses fed to the eels after. It is revealed a young woman named Hannah is Volmer's own daughter, and when she reaches puberty physically, Volmer attempts to rape her as well after having subjected the film's hero Lockhart to brainwashing and torture when he tries to find out the truth.

When Lockhart interferes, Volmer reveals his true elitist psychopathy and tries to feed Lockhart to the eels, but not before brutally drilling through one of his teeth. Adam from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunterthe vampire from whom all other vampires came and the ruler of all vampires in America, is a 5, year old monster who makes his home in the American South.

Having created a system where the vampires stay secret while draining the innocent, Adam nourishes his "family" by using slaves sent to the plantation to be drained and torn apart for their blood.

When he hears of young Abraham Lincoln's abilities, Adam sacrifices multiple vampires to test Lincoln's abilities and makes Lincoln an offer to become Adam's personal hunter, starting with Henry Sturges, Lincoln's Mentor, who Adam turned into a vampire after murdering his fiancee.

Adam later commits his forces to the Civil War, slaughtering Union soldiers en masse. To punish Lincoln for his resistance, Adam sends his sister and enforcer Vadoma to murder Lincoln's youngest child. Secundus from Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is a former finder who was partnered with Abraxas.

Eventually, his list for power grew out of control and he decided to seek the Anti-Life Equation, not caring that using it would cause a wave of planet-destroying energy. In his pursuit of the Equation, Secundus comes to Earth and forcibly impregnates a human woman with an embryo that is key to finding the Equation before Abraxas captures him.

Five years later, he escapes to Earth to find his son, assaulting and killing anybody who stands in his way, culminating in him holding a class of children hostage.

After the son comes out, Secundus tries to Mind Rape the Equation into his mind. Both villains in the film Act of Valor fit this trope: His first appearance has him driving an Ice Cream Truck with an accomplice that's rigged to explodeand his target was a Phillipino school, killing several schoolchildren, including an American child and his father, the American ambassador.

He then gains some bomb jackets that cannot be detected specifically because they use ceramic ball berings rather than metallic ones so they could commit terrorism on a massive scale in America and cause a collapse to society.

It's also strongly implied that he forces several of his minions to undergo martyrdom against their will, as the accomplice from the car bomb is shown terrified at having to go through with the suicide bombing, and the woman he rigs with the vest to distract the SEALs when they are in hot pursuit to the tunnel is shown to be hesitant in going through with it to which Shamal "reassures" her that she'll be reunited with her husband in heaven and is visibly shown silently sobbing when she ends up having to go through with the suicide bombing.

Christo, the Ukrainian drug dealer, is also cut from the same cloth, even with his one redeemable trait his love for his family. First off, he is shown delivering drugs to various people across the world.

In addition, he is also in league with Abu Shamal and arranges for the capture of a CIA agent in Costa Rica when it became apparent that she discovered some evidence about his partnership with Shamal, and then orders for her to be tortured, including being beat up, and then have her hands and feet impaled with a drill.

Oh, and the reason why he qualifies as one despite his loyalty to his family? He is shown grinning upon his capture when telling the SEALs that the can't stop Shabal's plans after explaining them when faced with the prospect that he won't see his family again when he was captured, meaning that even after admitting what Shabal's plans, he has absolutely no regrets with working with him.

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Also, he's the one who supplied the vests to Shabal and his Jihadists, as well as a means to smuggle them into the country, meaning that he was also responsible for Shabal's crimes had he succeeded in infiltrating America and committing terrorist attacks. In film The Adventures of Pinocchio, there is Lorenzini.

He is another incarnation of the evil Coachman who is already mentioned on the Disney and Literature pages. In this incarnation, however, he is a Composite Character together with the puppet master.

As always, he kidnaps a bunch of innocent children and turns them into donkeys and even has one of them skinned to make boots. Oren and Trevor rule a society that was rendered sterile by a vaccine Trevor used to save humanity from a virus years in the past, cloning people and faking pregnancies to hide the sterility from the public.

While Trevor intends to find a cure for the infertility, Oren wants to remain an immortal dictator, even as each new generation of clones suffer from increasingly worse nightmares. Ruthless about keeping power, Oren feeds information to a resistance group in the hopes they will assassinate his brother, staging a coup to become Chairman when the attempt fails and kills every woman who becomes naturally pregnant.

Kancha Cheena is a sadistic drug kingpin who seeks to establish a criminal empire in Mumbai. Kancha firmly believes in having no desire nor attachments in life, which he proves by manipulating his father into giving up the island village of Mandwa before he murders a school girl and frames Master Dinanath Chauhan, a highly respected school teacher who had been trying to stop Kancha, for the crime.

After executing Master Chauhan and chasing the Master's family out of the island, Kancha begins running Mandwa as a concentration camp for the next 15 years. During the final fight, Kancha prepares to hang Vijay from the same tree from which his father was hung, before Vijay manages to reverse this before dying.

After being invited to Fan Yau's house, he proceeds to sedate her with a paralyzing drug.Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

during World War II Irena Sendler saved Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto. Examples of Complete Monster/Film include: Contents In The Boys from Brazil, Gregory Peck plays Dr.

Josef Mengele, City of Angels is an occultist drug lord ruling over Los Angeles. A self-declared sadist who claims he visited Hell and liked what he saw, he turns his 'kingdom' into a nightmarish dystopia where people live in squalor.

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In many cases, the killings were arbitrary.

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Schindler watches the massacre from the hills overlooking the area, and is profoundly affected. He nevertheless is careful to befriend. The worst for me at Auschwitz II is a sign which tells, without hyperbole, of the Eugenics experiments carried out by Josef Mengele in the hut facing you.

Manda and I walked round, saying barely a word, exchanging the odd, sorrowful glance, before moving on to the next horrific memorial.

Oskar schindler and josef mengele the angels of life and death
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