Labour supply

When we look at the GDP forecast, we see the Lithuanian economy growing by some three per cent between and This change is mostly driven by higher than expected investment, including through a better utilisation of EU funds and a greater need for capacity expansion among manufacturers.

Labour supply

Neoclassical microeconomic model of labour supply Labour supply curves derive from the 'labour-leisure' trade-off.

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More hours worked earn higher incomes, but necessitate a cut in the amount of leisure that workers enjoy. Consequently, there are two effects on the amount of labour desired to be supplied due to a change in the real wage rate.

As, for example, the real wage rate rises, the opportunity cost of leisure increases. This tends to make workers supply more labour the "substitution effect". However, also as the real wage rate rises, workers earn a higher income for a given number of hours.

If leisure is a normal good —the demand for it increases as income increases—this increase in income tends to make workers supply less labour so they can "spend" the higher income on leisure the "income effect".

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If the substitution effect is stronger than the income effect then the labour supply slopes upward. If, beyond a certain wage rate, the income effect is stronger than the substitution effect, then the labour supply curve bends backward.

Individual labor supply curves can be aggregated to derive the total labour supply of an economy. Reserve army of labour and Proletarization From a Marxist perspective, a labour supply is a core requirement in a capitalist society. To avoid labour shortage and ensure a labour supply, a large portion of the population must not possess sources of self-provisioning, which would let them be independent—and they must instead, to survive, be compelled to sell their labour for a subsistence wage.Welfare Programs and Labor Supply Robert Moffitt.

Labour supply

NBER Working Paper No. Issued in September NBER Program(s):Labor Studies, Public Economics The labor supply and other work incentive effects of welfare programs have long been a central concern in economic research.

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While the tightening labour markets result in significant wage increases that underpin greater household expenditures, this is investment that extends higher GDP growth rates over time.

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