How to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

Good essay conclusion Syrian Problem The problems in Syria began in as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives ofpeople and forced over two million to flee to the relative safety of neighboring countries. Unarmed civilians were attacked and killed by government troops as they searched for the most effective and seemingly brutal method for quelling this uprising.

How to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

A position paper typically argues a specific position or solution to a problem. They can be powerful advocacy tools which are used to help key decision-makers and influencers justify implementing solutions.

Creating white papers may help the association meet its advocacy goal in its strategic plan, while at the same time providing its members and other library workers with a valuable resource to support the work that they do.

The guidelines are presented below. What Is a Position Paper? A position paper is a short document designed for one of the following purposes: To state an organization's policy, position, or philosophy about a subject called a Position Paper To pose a problem or question and then answer that question with information or a proposed solution called an Issue Brief II.

Why Create a Position Paper? A position paper can serve to transfer knowledge and understanding of a particular topic, provide information to aid in making a decision, or present a professional perspective. Often, a position paper explains the results or conclusions resulting from some organized committee, research collaboration, or design and development effort.

In government, a position paper is often a policy or position paper used to explain and implement a policy or procedure. In a collaborative organization, a position paper is often an issue paper used to help develop understanding of a problem and build support and acceptance of a proposed solution.

A position paper can focus on pre-assessment planassessment executeor post-assessment evaluate. What is XYZ and what are the benefits of it?

how to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

How can XYZ affect young adult library services? What benefits can be expected? How can the effectiveness of XYZ be judged?

Ask the following questions to ensure that the topic is appropriate for a position paper: Once the topic is identified, research the subject to ensure that the position is well supported.

Supporting evidence includes the following: Factual Knowledge - Information that is verifiable and agreed upon by almost everyone.

Statistical Inferences - Interpretation and examples of an accumulation of facts. Personal Testimony - Personal experience related by a knowledgeable party. Ask yourself the following questions: Who is the intended audience?

What do they believe? Where do they stand on the issue? How are their interests involved? What evidence is likely to be effective with them?

Sample Position Paper 1 - AMUN

Who Should Write the Position Paper? Experts on the topic, including: An existing committee, taskforce or interest group An individual or group that has been specially appointed by the Board to write the paper V.

How Does a Paper Get Published? Before the paper can be published, it must be submitted to the Board of Directors and approved by them. Once the paper has Board approval, it may be published in the following forms: What Goes Into an Issue Brief?

An issue brief should be short and to the point. It needs to pose a problem or question and then answer it with a viable solution. Resources must be provided and cited. The paper should be highly structured and cleanly organized. Typically, an issue paper includes the following sections:position papers, & resolution writing.

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POSITION PAPER © OECD 4 How useful are part-time jobs for societies? A position paper does not need to be lengthy to be well-written; one single-spaced page in a standard font and size is usually enough.

(Press Corps papers work differently; see below for details.) Please do cite your sources; you can use any citation style, like MLA, . Position papers requirements for the Joint Cabinet Crisis: Write about words of a short character bio, explain the position that your character is currently filling with an emphasis on his/her capabilities and areas of influences.

Syrian Problem. The problems in Syria began in as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives of , people and forced over two million to flee to the relative safety of neighboring countries.

EuroMed Rights Position Paper on Refugees from Syria FUNDING FOR A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS The prolongation of the conflict in Syria and mass exodus of refugees has created what is now considered one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history.

In December , the UN launched an appeal for billion USD for its regional Syrian response.

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