Grebanier playwriting awards

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Grebanier playwriting awards

Faiza Al-Araji, an Iraqi engineer, is in Northern California this week under the auspices of Global Exchange to tell Americans about what war has done to her country. See story, Page Five. It does not address the use of other similar machines, and would not prevent the use of the new Diebold paper-trail machine in the June primary.

One of our biggest national security concerns should be the security of our vote. This code can be changed on the fly, after the machines have been certified and tested by the state and the local county agencies. But even supervisors who voted to go forward with the negotiations cautioned that they had reservations about the use of the machines, and said the vote did not necessarily mean that the machines will actually be purchased.

Supervisors said they would consider other voting system options while the negotiations were taking place. Alameda County Council and the Alameda County registrar of voters office had earlier determined that the time was too short to move forward with purchase of new electronic voting machines for the June primary.

That election will be conducted on paper ballots that will be scanned by electronic machines at a central location in Oakland on election night. The county has already arranged a loan from San Diego County for electronic voting machines to be located at each precinct for the use of disabled voters and any other voter who asks to use them.

If use of the Diebold electronic voting machines were to be nullified for the November election by the Superior Court, Alameda County would have the option of negotiating purchase of electronic voting machines from Sequoia and two other voting machine vendors who put up bids.

California counties faced a twin election crunch this year when new state law went into effect in January, mandating that an auditable paper trail be available for counties using touchscreen electronic voting machines.

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In the past, touchscreen electronic voting machines—such as the Diebold machines used in recent Alameda County elections—counted the votes internally, and provided no method to manually check if the count went wrong.

There have been widespread allegations of fraud in the use of such machines around the country in recent years, most notably in the Presidential election in Ohio. Some election officials have interpreted this to mean that each polling place must be provided with some form of a touchscreen electronic voting machine, but some voting rights and disabled activists have argued that there are other systems available that would meet federal law and the rights of disabled voters.

Instead of an individual ballot printed for each ballot cast, the Diebold machines print the results on a continuous roll. In a Wednesday phone interview, Bronstein said she would submit organizational papers to the city clerk Thursday, allowing her to raise campaign funds.

And she could face former mayor Shirley Dean. Sunday gather ing at the Berkeley Alternative High School, said she had known Bates to be a progressive assemblymember with many years of experience, but he had disappointed her. Bronstein argues that the public was shut out of the deal and that the city settled for less money than it should have.

She has taken a leave from writing a regular column on local issues for the Daily Planet. In a phone interview, Dean said Berkeley needs different leadership—herself or someone else.

Redevelopment Agency meeting, too early for many members of the public to attend. Candidates can formally file for the November races in mid-July and must have papers in by mid-August, according to City Clerk Sara Cox. Also in November, citizens will cast votes for four City Council seats: The first suspect was later identified as a year-old Hispanic male weighing pounds with slicked back hair, wearing a navy blue parka and carrying a backpack, while the second suspect was identified as a year-old black male, weighing pounds with short black hair and wearing a putty green parka.

The patron was said to have followed the two suspects up to the street level after which he reported the incident to the BART agent at the station booth.

Although people were taken into custody after the report was filed, the patron was unable to identify anyone at a suspect line-up. William Travis Gibson, BART patrol commander, told the Planet yesterday that the investigation is ongoing and the police are continuing to look into the video tapes from the incident.

grebanier playwriting awards

William Schultz told the Planet that right after the incident was reported, bomb dogs were brought inside the train but no explosives were found. He added that the SWAT team had not been brought in as they were usually in charge of hostage situations and not experts at bomb deactivation.

Schultz also commented that the incident was different from other threats, which usually involved suspicious packages or phone calls. The couple however acknowledged the fact that the alternate transportation being provided to commuters by BART was a big plus. However, they also said that it would have been more helpful if the Embarcadero station agents had been more specific about information on the location of the Trans Bay Terminal: Passengers need clear timely information about what is happening.

In a perfect world, we could have predicted the future and told our passengers that the trains would start working in an hour again. We have to depend on external sources. Most were clueless about it. Hynes added that it was safe to assume that the problem was taken care of.

The team in charge of controlling the infestation had discovered burrows between the two tennis courts in Willard Park.

The dense vegetation around the Willard Pool, as well as around private property near the park, had also been trimmed to control rat harborage. No poisons or pesticides had been used to get rid of the rats.

grebanier playwriting awards

It was done entirely by trapping.Bernard Grebanier was an American drama historian, critic, writer and poet, most notable for his studies of the works of William Shakespeare. Grebanier was a .

Award-winning playwright Ann Amari Harson is a first generation Sicilian-American who was born in Brooklyn and graduated from Brooklyn College where she won the Grebanier Playwriting Award.

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Multiple awards, fellowships, readings and productions of . Search millions of objects in the collections including photographs, artworks, artifacts, scientific specimens, manuscripts, sound records, and transcripts. These. The Lorraine Hansberry Playwriting Award.

Supported by the Kennedy Center Education Department, The Lorraine Hansberry Playwriting Award, initiated in , is part of the Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards Program. Playwriting, Bernard Grebanier Amazon Parrots - Quarterly, Paul Paradise Bibliographic Guide to .

Screenwriting demands total economy because a script is a very stripped-down literary form. Bernard Grebanier in his book, Playwriting, says, “Drama has a tendency to be stripped of matters unessential to the plot. In the best plays everything counts.

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