Essay on empathy and sympathy

Essay on Empathy by Nguyen Minh Hien People are very busy these days to care about their careers and hobbies.

Essay on empathy and sympathy

Essay on Empathy

Love can be both wonderfully simple or dreadfully complicated. Love should be simple, but many of us get thrust into situations where we have love put to the test. We show our friends, significance. A few days ago, however, I had an argument over compassion with a friend of mine.

During the argument she stated that I could not have compassion for her, and that I only had sincerity. However, after thinking it over, I rediscovered several words to describe the care one can have for another.

The four words that are most important to this love or caring for another are: Understanding, Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion. These all matter to one another and can be interdependent.

I leave sincerity out of the picture, if you want to understand why, read the italicized portion below but otherwise skip it. I leave out sincerity.

Essay on empathy and sympathy

Sincerity, in effect, is simply meaning what you say whether I sincerely help, sincerely dislike you, sincerely feel emotions for you, or sincerely do not agree with you.

None of the following—Understanding, Empathy, Sympathy, or Compassion—matter if they are done without sincerity. All true good deeds are done with sincerity so none of the aforementioned topics matter at all if it is not present. Without understanding, there is no sympathy, empathy, or compassion.

Within understanding, you can find those things. At its basic form, it is just the ability to know what something means. To understand a word, is to know what it means and how it is used. To understand a person, is to know how they function and think and feel.

Understanding can go from just basic comprehension of something or really knowing the details of how something feels. I can understand the effects of a hurricane hitting an island.

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Compassion, Empathy, & Sympathy. L ove can be both wonderfully simple or dreadfully complicated. Love should be simple, but many of us get thrust into situations where we have love put to the test. Empathy and Sympathy. On Tuesday am an old friend of my mine that I knew for 20 years in NY, past away due to a heartatach, it was a shock to my self and all his family/5(1).

Essay on Empathy. by Nguyen Minh Hien Through this definition essay, I would like to convey a message to others that the empathy to other’s concerns, feelings, troubles in life is a good thing to learn. The big difference between the word "empathy" and its synonym "awareness" is that the sympathy is incorporated into the meaning of.

“Empathy is the cognitive process of identifying with or vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.” (Verderber, , p. ). Empathy is an important element in understanding and maintaining good interpersonal relationships.

Essays & Papers Empathy and Sympathy - Paper Example Empathy and Sympathy Empathy is the ability to re-create another person’s perspective, or trying to get a sense of that person with that problem and with those emotions - Empathy and Sympathy .

Essay on Empathy