Edu701 course

I myself have used Youtube clips to show my class nursery rhymes and video clips of animals or other topics we are learning about.

Edu701 course

Nicole Todd Rationale A major challenge for teachers is the Edu701 course that exists in all classrooms. Within the current context of inclusion it is vital for teachers to understand current approaches to addressing individual diverse learning needs and to be able to develop an effective inclusive classroom.

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A recommendation from the January senate report? Access to real learning: A variety of methods to cater for student difference will be explored including differentiation techniques based on a Universal Design for Learning framework. This will allow teachers to support the individualised learning needs of all students.

Synopsis EDU will introduce the development of inclusive education and allow students to draw on their prior knowledge in this area.

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The link from inclusive education will be made to the concept of differentiation and other frameworks such as Universal Design for Learning, in order to address diverse learning needs in the inclusive classroom.

There will be a particular focus on the practical nature of employing theory in the classroom.

Edu701 course

Through pedagogical strategies, students will have the opportunities to practice applying the principles of differentiated curriculum. This will assist in the development of effective skills for classroom teachers and special education personnel.

In this course students will be supported in their understanding of how to modify content and resources, and deliver instruction that is differentiated for students with a range of abilities. This course also examines working with other educators through co-teaching and collaboration.

Objectives On successful completion of this course students should be able to: Context and definition of differentiation; examining the development of this response to diversity and inclusive education Reference materials Reference materials are materials that, if accessed by students, may improve their knowledge and understanding of the material in the course and enrich their learning experience.14 Course Descriptions EDU Individual Learner Differences in Language Learning & Teaching This course reviews research that has investigated a number of key individual learner factors (e.g., language aptitude, motivation, learner beliefs) and how these impact on language teaching.

The course also considers how individual differences in. Wall decals are precision cut adhesive vinyl words and designs that are applied to walls and other surfaces. Our decals are % removable, and look like .

Edu701 course

My experience in the course so far has highlighted for me that in order to best help my students be prepared for the skills required in the 21st century, I will have to actively work to remain current in the technological capabilities.

EDU COURSE Essay COURSE INFORMATION Course Information Course: EDU Education and Human Development Semester: Sep Year: Phone: Core Person /Instructor: Associate Prof. Dr. Ros Aizan Yahaya Email: [email protected] Office Hours By Appointment Texts Fagerlind, Ingemar and .

unit code course title examiners school invigilators thursday 13th october, morning session central lautoka labasa am - am een language study 1 (hindi/itaukei).

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