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Confidential report

Search Toggle display of website navigation Report: Panel Finds Evidence of Iranian Hardwar December 8,5: The brazen strike appears to have claimed no victims, but the missile debris left in its wake provided an evidentiary trail for U. An examination of key missile fragments, documented last month in a confidential U.

But the report, which was reviewed by Foreign Policy, provided a new twist: The weapon also included a component that was manufactured by an American company. In recent weeks, Nikki Haley, the U. He urged the Security Council committees responsible for enforcing Yemen sanctions and monitoring the Iran nuclear deal to receive a briefing on the U.

Confidential report

The Iranian commander was sighted this summer visiting a Shiite shrine in Karbala, Iraq as well as the tomb of the late Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani. At the same time, Guterres said that he has received no evidence that Iran has Confidential report its obligations under the nuclear pact.

For instance, the missile used in the Nov. But FP has obtained additional information that indicates the Houthi missile contained components manufactured by a sanctioned Iranian firm as well as an unnamed American manufacturer. One component — a device, known as an actuator, which helps steer the missile — found among the debris bore a logo in metal of an Iranian companyShadi Bagheri Industrial Group, which is the subject of U.

Iran denied it played any role in the transfer of the missile, according to the panel. FP previously reported on claims by U. The panel has reached out to the manufacturer, which was not named in its report, to find out how its technology found its way into a Houthi missile.

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Nonproliferation experts say that Iranian agents have often reached out to foreign suppliers, including in the United States, to obtain hard-to-make, high-tech components for their weapons programs.

They buy a lot of stuff wherever they can get it. And they like U. Many high-tech things in this world have American components. The report comes as Saudi Arabia faces increasing pressure to ease the rapidly worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen. In recent days, the Trump administration has ratcheted up public pressure on Saudi Arabia to ease a blockade on humanitarian assistance to the war-torn country, where some 7 million people risk starvation because of the conflict.

But the Houthis introduced a more advanced missile into the battlefield in Octoberraising the risk that it could strike deep into the heart of Saudi Arabia.

In contrast, the Houthi Borkhan H-2 was made with a lighter aluminum skin and a more advanced guidance system that negated the need for wings used on other Scuds. The panel said it was unlikely that missiles were smuggled into Yemen through any of its key Red Sea ports, suggesting it was more likely the missiles were broken down into smaller pieces and shipped through a smuggling route from Oman — or Ghaydah and Nishtun in al-Mahrah governorate of Yemen, which had previously been the site of seizures of anti-tank guidance weapons and other military equipment.If this is an emergency, please call now.

Reporting is confidential, we only need your information to solve crime, not your name. Create a report. MBRRACE-UK is national collaborative programme of work involving the surveillance and investigation of maternal deaths, stillbirths and infant deaths, including the Confidential Enquiry in Maternal Deaths (CEMD).

It was previously known as CEMACH then CMACE. Preparing a report of any type is challenging and time consuming.

The task becomes more complex when the end result if a confidential report. Follow certain tactics and techniques when you write a confidential report. Mr. Arkadin (first released in Spain, ), known in Britain as Confidential Report, is a French-Spanish-Swiss coproduction film, written and directed by Orson Welles and shot in several Spanish locations, including Costa Brava, Segovia, Valladolid and heartoftexashop.comg took place throughout Europe in , and scenes shot outside Spain include locations in London, Munich, Paris, the French.

Cable theft is the illegal interception of cable programming services without the express authorization of, or payment to, a cable company.. Active Theft occurs when someone knowingly and intentionally makes an illegal physical connection to the cable system in their area for the purpose of receiving cable service in their home or business..

Premium Theft or "Pay Theft" occurs when someone. The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) reviews clinical practice and identifies potentially remediable factors in the practice of patient care.

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