Compare and contrast the functionalist and

Conflict theorists argue that social stratification that leads to wage gaps is the result of ascribed statuses like a person's socioeconomic background. At its heart, conflict theory says that social stratification is not necessary The conflict perspective and the functionalist perspective of social stratification are fundamentally at odds. At its heart, conflict theory says that social stratification is not necessary or healthy for societies while functional theory says that it is.

Compare and contrast the functionalist and

Buy Now Functionalists view education as maintaining social cohesion through secondary socialisation, teaching children a set of values, norms and customs. Durkheim views education as a miniature society and prepares children for the adult world, whereas Marxists would take the view that education creates conflict, children learn their obedience to capitalism.

Functionalism is based on consensus whereas Marxism is based on the notion of conflict. The industrial revolution has produced radical social change, Marx made the distinction between the small economically powerful class of the bourgeoisie and the large powerless class of the proletariat.

Society viewed from a functionalist would offer more equal chances. Marx identifies the imbalance of power between the two, the advancement in technology from a functionalist view is seen as an advantage, however Marx believed it led to an imbalance of power between those who owned the means of production and the urbanisation of the workers to sell their labour.

Marx saw society not harmoniously but as a tool of oppression with the ideology of the bourgeoisie maintaining the false consciousness of the proletariat. Whereas the functionalist approach might view religion as a positive influence on society, Marx dismissed it as the ''opium to the people''.

Marx predicted that this state of affair would be overthrown and that conflict would be removed and replace by communism. Although Marx's view is based on theory it is remotely similar to the functionalist approach of harmony and resolution. The apparent differences between the Marxist and Functionalist perspectives are not as conflicting as it would first appear.

Both the functionalist and the Marxist perspectives place emphasis on society as something which influence an individual as opposed to the interpretivists or social action perspective put forward by Weber. It is a difference view from the post-modernist perspective which argues that society is fragmented and unstructured.

Comparisons and Contrast will naturally occur, sociological perspectives can make use of each other or each against each other, a lot of feminist sociology is linked to Marxism. Difference in opinion is linked to human capacity of social change and the need to explore and explain, what was relevant to society in Marx's view might not be relevant or as important to another type of society.

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Giddens wrote ''societies can no longer be understood through the application of general theories''. A subject like sociology has to be studied through a whole range of perspectives and should not be restricted by the margins of t he structuralist approach.Compare and contrast the functionalist and conflict views of social stratification in relation to ascribed status and achieved status that leads wealth and wages inequalities.

Three Major Perspectives in Sociology. According to the functionalist perspective, In contrast, organic solidarity is a form of social cohesion that arises when the people in a society are interdependent, but hold to varying values and beliefs and engage in varying types of work.

Compare and contrast the functionalist and

Organic solidarity most commonly occurs in industrialized. Compare and contrast the main tenet of the Functionalist and Conflict Perspectives. Over the years, sociologist has put forward their views when it came to defining, studding and understanding society.

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast the sociological perspectives on the family, education and religion as social institutions. ' and find homework help for other Social Sciences, Sociology. What is the Difference Between Functionalism and Conflict Theory? Functionalism views the society as a system. Compare and Discern the Clear Difference Between Any Similar Things. Home» Difference Between Functionalism and Conflict Theory. Difference Between Functionalism and Conflict Theory. July 31, Posted by Admin. Sep 22,  · compare and contrast functionalist and conflict theories indicating the values and meritsStatus: Resolved.

Jun 25,  · Compare and Contrast the Functionalist and Marxist views of Society Sociology has been classified as the last in a long line of emerging scientific disciplines which people have developed and explored in order to make sense of their heartoftexashop.coms: 1.

This essay attempts to compare and contrast the functionalist and conflict perspectives and to indicate which of the two is more plausible.

The essay will begin by giving a brief history of the theories and the main sociologists that influenced them/5(1).

Compare and contrast the functionalist and

Compare and contrast the functionalist and conflict perspectives on who rules from SOCIOLOGY at Central Maine Community College83%(6).

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