Assign 1 analysing marketing opportunities

Marketing Article Analysis This assignment gives students the opportunity to explore contemporary marketing issues, and to gain an appreciation of contemporary marketing theories and concepts.

Assign 1 analysing marketing opportunities

Order Now Answer 1 The structured marketing plan consists of different elements in order to target customer and attract them towards product and services. These are explained as follows. The first element is of segment under which all market is divided into different parts as per their preferences and choice.

For example, female, male and kids. The second element is of competitive alternatives which assists corporation to differentiate the product. However, differentiation is done by taking into account point of value like pricing, ease of use and delivery options.

However, fourth element reflects appropriate position of product should be done so as to increase attention of buyers. After deciding about the position of product, marketing goals and measures are set in order to assess the performance of the same at expiry of time.

Furthermore, sixth step reflects setting plan, budgets for all related activities of plan. It facilitates to design design fruitful content for buyers and meet their expectations accordingly.

Apart from this, timeline is set for all project activities so as to complete the same on time. Answer 2 a There are different functions of marketing information system such as keeping record of customers, detail of marketing activities and sales budget or performance of sales team.

This system facilitates management to ensure smooth operation by keeping detail of personnel. However, it assists marketing department to ensure inclusion of skilled and competent workforce so as to implement the potential marketing strategies on right time.

Answer 3 a Internal report system play important role in a company because of collecting valuable information from customers. For example, sales team generally reports to manager of the firm in order to provide information related to total sales generated and potential buyers. This proves to be effective to incorporate important data into financial statements of the company Carlson and Manktelow, However, internal report proves to be effective for marketing manager to make necessary changes in current marketing strategies in accordance with preference of buyers.

Information related to all these aspect make it possible to take decision for sales team and marketing as well. For example, by knowing the perception of buyers, company can easily frame appropriate marketing strategy to enhance the sales turnover.

Answer 4 Marketing research system play important role for organization as it focuses upon specific issue of the business. For example, research is conducted to understand to issues behind poor sales turnover and low profitability or decreased customer base.

However, it emphasize upon resolving potential issues related to marketing department of company. It assists corporation to resolve problems one by one in order to enhance flow of production.

It uses both manual and computer system for analyzing the available information. Answer 5 a Marketing intelligence determine long run growth of the business as it helps in understanding preferences of buyers and accordingly provide them suitable product.

It is the continuous process through which customers are attracted and many types of issues which are being faced by marketing department are resolved. Furthermore, sales data are recorded in internal system of the business and accordingly different reports; plan, periodic and triggered as well as demand report is prepared.

Answer 6 a There are different marketing models such as 4 P's, Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix and extended 3P's which are helpful for business to target customers. These marketing models enable management to find the issues of business and accordingly take necessary action.

However, buyers are retained by taking right strategies on time to time.Assignment 1: Part A: Your Marketing Plan 4 4. The structure of the industry affects competitive forces in the industry by the entry of competitors, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of buyers, and the bargaining power of suppliers.

Victoria's Secret- Marketing Analysis: Assignment 1 1.

Introduction to Marketing Opportunities

A Marketing Analysis 2. Because Ray Raymonds, its founder, thought retailers offered only “racks of terry-cloth robes and ugly floral print night gowns.”. MAR11 – Marketing Theory and Practice Assignment 1: Analysing Marketing Opportunities Clare Perry Student ID NO.

Tutor: Johnathon Pura. Assignment 1: Procter & Gamble Company (A) Case Analysis (Submitted in fulfillment of the assignments for Marketing Management) Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.

Here is report that help to evaluate and identify the marketing opportunities. assignment on time.

Assign 1 analysing marketing opportunities

Learn more about our multivariate analysis. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Caemmerer, B., The planning and implementation of integrated marketing communications. Marketing Intelligence & Planning. Assignment Key Deliverables Milestones Tips Assignment Via the Opportunity Analysis Project (OAP), students will learn how to tell the difference between a good idea in a dorm or a lab and a great scalable business opportunity.

Assign 1 analysing marketing opportunities
A Report on Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities