Antithesis photography

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Antithesis photography

These photographs have been the subject of much myth and controversy over the years. Interestingly, much of which was initially put Antithesis photography to explain the Kirlian photography phenomena was put forth by the inventor himself, along with his wife.

Antithesis photography

The process of taking a Kirlian photo is a fairly simple one and does not even require the use of a camera. First, a sheet of photographic film is placed on top of a metal plate.

Then, the object that is to be photographed is placed on top of the film. To create the initial exposure, high voltage current is applied to the metal plate. The electrical coronal discharge between the object and the metal plate is captured on the film. The Kirlian photograph, which shows a light, glowing silhouette around the photographed object, becomes visible as a result of developing the film.

Quarter 3 by nebarnix The Myth of Kirlian Photography The first mythical explanations put forth about Kirlian photography were suggested by the Kirlians themselves. The Kirlians were convinced that these photos could accurately predict emotional and physical states and could be used to diagnose illnesses.

The assertion that Kirlian photographs could depict emotional and physical states was quickly adopted by energy practitioners. While the use of Kirlian photography has largely fallen by the wayside as a diagnostic tool these days, there are still alternative practitioners who believe in it as an accurate way to help those who seek their services for healing all kinds of conditions both emotional and physical.

Kirlian photography has been a staple of paranormal research for some time as well. In the s and s paranormal researchers connected it to many types of unexplained phenomena, one of which was telepathy. Researchers proposed that telepathy was the result of people's auras communicating together.

The Science of Kirlian Photography It can be hard to separate the fact versus the fiction when it comes to Kirlian photography, since these photos are very real and do clearly show some phenomenon at work.

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However, the fact that these glowing auras are seen around non-living objects as well as living objects in Kirlian photos is often simply ignored by those who want to believe in the supernatural explanation. The answer is water. The high-voltage frequency applied to the metal plate rips the electrons off of atoms.

The air around the photographed object becomes ionized.

Antithesis photography

When a person is sweating more due to being overheated, or excited in some way, Kirlian photographs taken of their hands at that time will show a larger more intense glow due to the increased moisture. Conversely, cold dry hands will produce an image which shows a weaker glow.

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Despite the ready availability of this accurate scientific explanation, New Age proponents of Kirlian photography will still argue that the person whose hands showed a larger, brighter glow is a natural healer when they are really just sweaty.A different kind of minimalism.

Last year we had the absolute minimal conditions in the interior of Iceland. Where last year it had been impossible to tell the difference between ground and sky, this year we were greeted with endless blue-sky days.

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Light painting, painting with light, light drawing, or light art performance photography are terms that describe photographic techniques of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or space, or to shine light at the camera to 'draw', or by moving the camera itself during exposure of light sources..

Practised since the s, the technique.

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