An analysis of the two sides of the story in the dropping of the bomb

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An analysis of the two sides of the story in the dropping of the bomb

In announcing it, he had labeled Hiroshima simply a "military base," but he knew better. In announcing it, he had labeled Hiroshima simply a "military base," but he knew better, and within hours of the blast he had been fully informed about the likely massive toll on civilians probably, mainly women and children, as we had planned.

Despite this--and news that the Soviets, as planned, were about to enter the war against Japan--Truman did not order a delay in the use of the second atomic bomb to give Japan a chance to assess, reflect, and surrender.

After all, by this time, Truman as recorded in his diary and by others was well aware that the Japanese were hopelessly defeated and seeking terms of surrender--and he had, just two weeks earlier, written "Fini Japs" in his diary when he learned that the Russians would indeed attack around August 7.

Yet Truman, on this day, did nothing, and the second bomb rolled out, and would be used against Nagasaki, killing perhaps 90, more, only a couple hundred of them Japanese troops, on August 9. That's why many who reluctantly support or at least are divided about the use of the bomb against Hiroshima consider Nagasaki a war crime--in fact, the worst one-day war crime in human history.

Below, a a few reflections. Few journalists bother to visit Nagasaki, even though it is one of only two cities in the world to "meet the atomic bomb," as some of the survivors of that experience, 68 years ago this week, put it.

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It remains the Second City, and "Fat Man" the forgotten bomb. No one in America ever wrote a bestselling book called Nagasaki, or made a film titled Nagasaki, Mon Amour. For one thing, when the plutonium bomb exploded above Nagasaki it made the uranium-type bomb dropped on Hiroshima obsolete.

And then there's this. But Nagasaki was purely blowing away yellow men, women, and children. I'm glad I'm not a scientist because I'd feel so guilty now.

Essay on the dropping of Atomic bomb on Japan

Three centuries before Commodore Perry came to Japan, Nagasaki was the country's gateway to the west. The Portuguese and Dutch settled here in the s. Francis Xavier established the first Catholic churches in the region inand Urakami, a suburb of Nagasaki, became the country's Catholic center.

Thomas Glover, one of the first English traders here, supplied the modern rifles that helped defeat the Tokugawa Shogunate in the 19th century. Glover's life served as a model for the story of Madame Butterfly, and Nagasaki is known in many parts of the world more for Butterfly than for the bomb.

In Puccini's opera, Madame Butterfly, standing on the veranda of Glover's home overlooking the harbor see leftsings, "One fine day, we'll see a thread of smoke arising ByNagasaki had become a Mitsubishi company town, turning out ships and armaments for Japan's increasingly desperate war effort.

Few Japanese soldiers were stationed here, and only about of them would perish in the atomic bombing. It was still the Christian center in the country, with more than 10, Catholics among itsresidents.


Most of them lived in the outlying Urakami district, the poor part of town, where a magnificent cathedral seating had been built. Concrete roads in the valley literally melted. While Urakami suffered, the rest of the city caught a break. The bomb's blast boomed up the valley destroying everything in its path but didn't quite reach the congested harbor or scale the high ridge to the Nakashima valley.

Some 35, perished instantly, with another 50, or more fated to die afterwards. The plutonium bomb hit with the force of 22 kilotons, almost double the uranium bomb's blast in Hiroshima. If the bomb had exploded as planned, directly over the Mitsubishi shipyards, the death toll in Nagasaki would have made Hiroshima, in at least one important sense, the Second City.

Nothing would have escaped, perhaps not even the most untroubled conscience half a world away. Hard evidence to support a popular theory that the chance to "experiment" with the plutonium bomb was the major reason for the bombing of Nagasaki remains sketchy but still one wonders especially when visiting the city, as I recount in my new book about the overwhelming, and seemingly thoughtless, impulse to automatically use a second atomic bomb even more powerful than the first.

Criticism of the attack on Nagasaki has centered on the issue of why Truman did not step in and stop the second bomb after the success of the first to allow Japan a few more days to contemplate surrender before targeting another city for extinction.

In addition, the U. If that happened, however, it might cost the U.Subtract the very conservative casualty rate (on both sides) of million with that of those atomized in August of , and you get 1,, That’s a lot of saved lives—and that figure is.

Aug 05,  · (Originally published by the Daily News on August 7, This story was written by Jack Doherty.) WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 6 - The most terrible weapon in history - an atomic bomb with more.

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An analysis of the two sides of the story in the dropping of the bomb

The decision by the United States to drop the world’s first atomic weapons on two Japanese cities—Hiroshima first, on Aug. 6, , and Nagasaki three days later—was that rare historical. “Dr. Y. Hiraiwa, professor of Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, and one of my church members, was buried by the bomb under the two storied house with his son, a student of Tokyo.

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